Pumpkin bars are back!!! Every day this month!

COOKIES:   single - $1.95     8-pk minis - $5.95     6-pk - $9.75
dillon: the original oatmeal chocolate chip, with or without walnuts
monster: oatmeals, organic peanut butter and M&Ms, no flour here!
baker's choice: a variety of different delicious cookies each day; ginger, snickerdoodle, peanut butter, cowboy, and more!

 MUFFINS: $2.75 each
pumpkin muffins: everyday, made with brown sugar, whole wheat flour, butter, and egg, choose from regular pumpkin, chocolate chip, or streusel topping
reduced fat mixed fruit muffins: thursdays 100% whole wheat flour, applesauce and two varieties of fruit!
baker's choice muffins:  tuesday, wednesday and friday, call or stop see what we've got! 

SCONES:  $2.75 each
fruit and cream cheese scones: everyday
cinnamon chip scones: friday

apple crunch rolls: $2.50
cinnamon swirl rolls: $2.50
cinnamon fruit rolls: $2.75
grizzly rolls (sat only): $3.50

savannah bars: everyday, $2.75
brownies: fridays, $2.75

pumpkin teacakes: everyday, $7.95
groovy granola - 1.5lb bag, $8.95